help more families find you
with facebook marketing done for you, ethically + effectively

You know that just about every parent is on Facebook.

But you don't have time to figure out how to do Facebook right, and neither do any of your staff or teachers. It's time-consuming, it's frustrating, and it's constantly changing.

You've tried facebook ads before. and got nothing out of it.

Maybe you got clicks, but no calls. Maybe you got calls, but no visits. Maybe you got nothing at all. And you're not alone. There's no telling how many people just dive right in, figuring a few bucks and a few hours must yield something. But then it doesn't, and you don't have time to figure out why, and just move on to other things.  

you cannot believe how complicated and frustrating facebook is.

You're not alone there, either. You'd think that running ads couldn't possibly be so complicated. Not when it's so easy to use Facebook, at least for posting stuff about your day. But then you tried it. And found that it is way more complicated to run ads than just using Facebook in regular life. 

The thing is, you can't ignore facebook. and it's too complicated to do alone. 

Facebook is still the most powerful way to get your school out in front of the right parents, at the right time, and inspire them to learn more about you, connect with you, call you, or visit you.


are you ready for the facebook fix?

The Facebook Fix is the fastest and simplest way to get Facebook working for you. And get new families inquiring about you.

We do all the work to make sure Facebook is running right for you. And set up a solid foundation that you can keep building on...or that we can keep running your Facebook on for you. Frustration-free, ethically, effectively.

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how facebook ads helped this small charter school exceed  enrollment goals

Pinecroft is led by loving, dedicated educators. When people visit this school, they love it. The school is fabulous. But their marketing was not working fabulously. Newspaper ads, open house events, and word-of-mouth incentives hadn’t done enough for them.

With a few families having enrolled after finding the school via Facebook, Pinecroft had seen a hint of what marketing could do. They were ready for more. And that’s where 929 Marketing came in.  


We started with a focus on how to attract the right families -- who they were, where they were, and what messaging would matter to them. Especially what set the school apart from the other schools in the area. 

launch the marketing work

We created a plan and got to work with Facebook + Instagram ad campaigns carefully targeted to those ideal families. The first open house of the school year brought a record number of new families -- and new enrollments. Every new family who showed up to the fall open house found their way there through our Facebook + Instagram posts. 

Plus, throughout the year, the ads helped the school's Facebook Page reach grow with new Page Likes and post engagements. And with 929 Marketing running the ads, Pinecroft staff were freed up to focus on posting great organic content showcasing life at the school. So all of those new parents were seeing the best of the school via the Page even before they called or came in to an open house event.

With every month, the results get better, and the motivation stronger to do more. They see it working, they know why, and they know what to do next. 

"We are on the verge of incredible growth at our school."

The Pinecroft School principal, Donna Pinto, could not be happier. 

"We are on the verge of tremendous growth and 929 Marketing Strategy made our upcoming school year a success.

Rachel Jordan of 929 Marketing Strategy helped families find our school. Rachel knew what tools we needed to attract new potential families to our school. She created a marketing strategy that worked for our school based on the criteria needed for our school to be successful.

I have been at this school for five years, and this is the first time we have had this amount of families sign up at once.  In addition, we have received so many inquiries about our school. This would not have been possible without the marketing plan of 929 Marketing Strategy!"

 does your school need help attracting the right families?

Get started with the facebook fix. Choose the Fast Fix option to have your Facebook Page and ads running well in a month {or less}. Or, for a more involved program, choose the Full-On Fix. Have us not only launch your Page and ads, but keep those campaigns running while we work with you for a full three months.

DIY (1).png

$1295 one-time fee

One month, start to finish

Help you plan your posts

Create your Page or make it even better

Ensure your Facebook pixel is good to go

Plan, create + launch your ad campaigns

DIY (3).png

$2985 or $995/month

Three months of help + expert guidance

Help you plan your posts

Create your Page or make it even better

Ensure your Facebook pixel is good to go

Plan, create + launch your ad campaigns

Manage + improve on your ads over time


here's how it works


{STEP ONE} think about it a bit

You'll complete a short questionnaire designed to help us get to know each other -- what you do, who you want to connect with on Facebook, and what you want to get out of Facebook marketing.

{STEP TWO} We talk it out

During a 1-hour phone call or video chat, we'll dig a little deeper into the information you provided in your questionnaire. We'll set the success metrics for your Facebook activities, give the broad-brush outline of your campaign, and define the ally schools to include in our strategic review.

{step three} put a plan in place

We'll take a look at your allies. {They're who you admire most.} We'll look at how they're doing their Facebook. Are they advertising? Are they posting? Are they even there at all? And we'll get all marketing wonky about it, gleaning insights into your allies' brand positioning, marketing tactics, perceived target audience, so that we know how we'll help you stand out.

Then, keeping in mind what we know about you, your goals, and your allies, we'll design your plan. We'll cover the right things for you:

  • What to do on your Page to make the best impression;
  • What and when to post in organic updates to your Page, to complement the ads we run for you
  • Exactly how we'll architect your ads -- which kinds of ads, when to run them, how to reach your ideal audience, and the ads themselves -- we'll design, write, and deliver those drafts to you so that you are 100% happy with them before they launch 

{step four} put your best page forward

If you don't yet have a Facebook Page at all, we'll create it for you. And if you do have one, we'll make it even better.

We'll make sure each of the key elements is in tip-top shape: your cover image {that's the banner at the top of the page}, your profile image {that little thumbnail people see beside your posts and ads}, your descriptive copy {like the About or Our Story sections}.

And we'll make sure the all-important Facebook pixel is setup and working properly. This is a little piece of code created in Facebook and placed on your website. It's a vital key to making sure you actually get measurable results out of your Facebook investment.

{step five} let your ads go live

We do everything needed to create and launch your ads:

  • Create Facebook Core Audiences to connect with your ideal families
  • Facebook ads creation, ad campaign setup, launch + management, for up to two separate audiences
  • Weekly reports showing you {in plain English} how your ads are doing
  • If you've opted for the Fast Fix, we'll do a call at the end of our month together to talk through your ad campaign performance + recommended nest steps. 
    If you've opted for the Full-On Fix, we'll do a call with you at the end of each month we work together. And at the end of the three months, we'll of course help you decide how to keep the Facebook frenzy going long-term, frustration-free. 

about rachel jordan, founder of 929 marketing

With nearly 20 years of experience leading marketing strategy in nonprofit, Fortune 500, education and entrepreneurial settings, Rachel Jordan founded 929 Marketing to bring her singular combination of strategy, creativity, and heart to work for a range of mission-minded clients.

Rachel began her career in a globally-focused nonprofit, where she managed development communications for nearly a decade. She went on to lead corporate marketing strategy for the Fortune 500 early education leader Bright Horizons before becoming a digital strategist for independent schools.

Today, Rachel helps schools meet {or exceed!} their enrollment goals -- by showing them how to do the right things to get found at the right time, by the right families. Her in-depth approach to digital strategy is always personalized to fit each school’s unique goals, community, and competitive environment. Beyond planning, Rachel enjoys mentoring faculty and staff who need some help taking the mystery out of their marketing. 

A graduate of Berklee College of Music and the Walnut Hill School, Rachel’s life has been shaped by the creativity, improvisation, and collaboration she honed studying music in both schools. And, as a mom of two school-aged children, she’s even more passionate now about the immeasurable value that the right education experience can have.

When not making marketing magic, Rachel can most likely be found watching someone do stand-up, reading a great novel, or listening to the Grateful Dead to relax or Lizzo to get up and ready for the gym.

we'd love to help you put the power of facebook to work for the future of your school.

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