Brad is a high-end test prep coach. He'd grown his business by word of mouth alone. And it had grown. But, it was time to take his business to the next level.

He wanted to be consistently booked solid. He wanted to attract the kinds of clients who understood the difference between him and your run-of-the-mill tutor working part-time or boosting their paycheck with a side hustle. He wanted to be able to make the most of the referral streams he was building.

he got his marketing started on his own. 
and pulled in an expert when he was ready to grow.

Brad got his marketing started on his own, quick and easy. He built his on website on Weebly in just a few weeks, tried some Facebook advertising. The website delivered a couple of contact requests, but no new clients. The Facebook ads drove some traffic to his site, but no contact requests.

As far as marketing went, he didn’t feel like much had gone well yet.

It was time for something more. So Brad set out to find someone to give him some advice. Someone who could show him how to improve his website, make it work harder for his business. This wasn't about hiring someone to do all the work for him, but someone to review his site with him, and tell him what to do next.

“I don't care at all about optimizing the website for SEO.”

This wasn't about being #1 on Google's search results. It was about getting the right people to visit his site. And then to take action when they got there.

His networking efforts had connected him with several interested sources of steady streams of high-quality referrals. But, before sending him those referrals, they wanted to see a high-end website that legitimized his practice. 

your website isn't just a website. it's your brand. it's you.

Brad had a lot of specific questions. What to change to get people to take action. What to do to get people to subscribe to his list {or if he should bother with a list}. Whether he should be inviting people to contact him, or something else entirely. What should be written differently.

But improving a website is more than the sum of the words and headlines and action buttons. It starts with who it's for -- who your audience is, and who you are. 

Who's is this website for?

Was Brad's website for the students he worked with, or their parents? We got clear on both groups. We talked about what they care about. Why each would seek him out...what they aspired to...what problems they were seeking to solve, and how Brad could help solve them. 


who is the person behind this business?

Why he does what he does, and how we would tell his story on the website. Brad is intensely purpose-driven. He's doing more than helping kids get high marks. He's making a difference in people's lives. And that needed to come across in how people experienced his practice -- from the business name to every word on the website.


Brad came away with a whole new approach to his homepage, how he told his own story, and even what he named his company.


By the time we were done, had become, the home of Inspired Test Prep. We'd done way more than a one-hour website review. And Brad was thrilled.

He's purpose-driven. Easy to work with. Honest about what he’s looking for. Open to learning. Focused.

We created a checklist of areas we would cover together on the website -- registration experience, website design, facebook ads -> likes -> clients, blog, CTAs [subscription experience], testimonials, and registration experience. We even did live copywriting together on our coaching sessions.


"my test prep business has grown substantially. I am busier than i have ever been."

A few months after we'd completed our coaching engagement, Brad sent me this note:

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 8.57.32 AM.png

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