the super schools' guide to open house success...

school open house success tips

These six simple steps are all you need to put together a super successful open house for your school.

Learn how to plan an event that prospective parents can't bear to miss.

Get the low-down on how to use Facebook to get that event out in front of the most parents possible. And not just any parents, but the right ones.

And get the most successful open house follow-up action plan we've ever seen.

It's all yours, right here!

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exceed your enrollment goals

Running a small charter school is a labor of love. And The Pinecroft School is exactly that -- loving parents, dedicated teachers, and happy students. Students who actually want to go to school. 

But prospective parents just weren't finding them. Not even through their open house events. Until they used the tips in this guide. With our help, the Pinecroft School has attracted more families than ever to their open house events, received more inquiries than ever before, and exceeded their enrollment goals. How did they do it?

  • reaching the right people with the right facebook ads

  • being prepared to wow those parents at the open house

  • following up with every prospective parent with one simple system 

Want to put their secrets to work for your school?

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With nearly 20 years of experience leading marketing strategy in nonprofit, Fortune 500, education and entrepreneurial settings, Rachel Jordan founded 929 Marketing to help schools meet {or exceed!} their enrollment goals.

Rachel shows schools how to do the right things to get found at the right time, by the right families. Her in-depth approach to digital strategy is built on a proven system and yet personalized to fit each school’s unique goals, community, and competitive environment. 

A graduate of Berklee College of Music and the Walnut Hill School, Rachel’s life has been shaped by the creativity, improvisation, and collaboration she honed studying in both schools. And, as a mom of two school-aged children, she’s even more passionate now about the immeasurable value that the right education experience can have.