Something’s not working with your marketing.
You need to know what it is. And what to do about it.

Figure it out and find your way forward. With your marketing Master Plan.


You put your heart and soul into what you do.
You’ve got so many happy people singing your praises. But. Doing great work is not enough. And you've invested too much in that wow-worthy website to have no one find it.

But you’re so overwhelmed by the whole idea of marketing.
You’ve tried hiring freelancers to fix the things they said needed to be fixed. You’ve tried writing all the words yourself. You are sick and tired of trying to keep up with all the Facebook updates and what not.

And, frankly, you don’t even know where to begin.
There are so many things to say, how do you pick the right things to say and say them in the right way to get attention from the right people?  And there are so many things to do with your marketing...maybe facebook's not even where it's at for you anymore. Who's to know...

Here's what you do know.

you know those new kids on the block are getting all the love. you know that People only find you through their friends. And you know that Facebook is freaking you out.

You know social media can help. But it’s so complicated and you do not have the time to sit on Twitter all day. What would you even say anyway?

Or...everyone says you have to have a blog. And a newsletter. And you don’t even know where to start with these “drip” campaign things. Who has the time to do all of this stuff...and be the boss at the same time?

Marketing is not what you do for goodness’ sake but this is all looking like it’s going to be a full-time job...of running around in circles.

So where do you even start?

You know where to start when you know where you’re trying to go.

If you take the time to lay the foundation well, it all falls into place. If not, you’ll end up with marketing that runs you around in circles. So we start with taking a minute to think about what you're going to get out of marketing...what success looks like to you.  

You know WHAT TO SAY + DO when you know WHO YOU'RE saying + doing this for.

Who's going to help you reach that vision for success? Who's this all for? Who are your dream clients, really? When you know the answer to that, inside and out, you know what to say + do in your marketing. 

How you tell people who you are + why you matter just flows. What’s working about your marketing -- and what isn’t -- becomes clear.

You start with your marketing master plan.

get a partner who can help you get clear + focused about the things that mater most for your marketing.

  • Your Goals + Dream Clients: how you’ll define and measure success in 6 - 12 months + who you’ll be helping

  • Your Story: who you are + how you stand out

  • Your Opportunities: a top-to-bottom marketing review to discover the big opportunities

  • Your Way Forward: 90-minute consultation; follow-up plan + recommended resources


If you can’t think marketing without thinking SO OVERWHELMING, you need a Master Plan.

If you know you’re great at what you do, but you can’t help but say ALL the things about yourself ALL the time, you need a Master Plan. Take a few minutes to talk it out and see if this is the right thing for you right now.


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What happens without a master plan?

It's so tempting to just start doing stuff. Here’s what happens if you just go straight to the doing, without taking care of the stuff before the doing.



Because you’re not using the right words, or you’re using too many words, or your words don’t mean to other people what you think they mean to you, nobody gets what you're saying or the right people don't think it's for them...and all that being busy gets you nowhere.


If you haven’t thought through the right things for you. Or you listen to advice on some blog but that isn’t made for you. Or you just start trying stuff, without the benefit of years of experience of figuring out how all this stuff works ... the stuff you try doesn’t work. And you get frustrated and give up. And stay stuck.


This is so common. You hire someone to post on Facebook for you, someone else to write new words for your website, someone else to design a new logo, and before you know it, you’ve got this kind of crazy quilt of marketing. But none of it’s working. Because you don’t have time to babysit all those folks and you didn’t have a Master Plan to guide them. Each of them is working off of their own script.

if none of that sounds like fun to you, you're ready for a master plan.

The first step is to have a chat. See if we're a fit. And get to talk about yourself and your marketing woes for 20 minutes.

Here's how the master plan works

Step 1: Pre-Interview Questionnaire

Sit down, grab yourself some water {or some wine}, and get comfy. It’s time to focus on you. You'll answer a set of questions to bring us the clarity we need about what you’re trying to achieve and who your dream clients truly are. Really. Find a quiet place, focus in on this, and do it right. This stuff is important.

Step 2: We Talk It Out + Get the All-Access Pass

In a two-hour live conversation {via Zoom, so you can do this thing from anywhere}, we go deep. We dig into follow-up questions to really get into the heart of your dream clients, your brand story, and your marketing preferences.

After this chat, you give us the all-access pass to the behind-the-scenes of your marketing machine. After all, to do your top-to-bottom marketing review, I need to see how your stuff is working from the inside. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Analytics, Mailchimp...whatever you’ve got, I want in.


Step 3: You Get the sneak peek

This whole thing is more of a partnership than a dictatorship. So you get a draft of your brand story before it’s locked in. A quick video walkthrough + the complete PDFs give you the goals, dream clients, and brand story for your review + reflection. Comments and questions are welcomed!


Step 4: You Have Your Way Forward

On a final call {again on Zoom, of course}, we’ll review the whole final package. Your completed marketing Master Plan includes all the bells and whistles you’d hoped for.

  • Your Goals + Dream Clients: how you’ll define and measure success in 6 - 12 months + who you’ll be helping

  • Your Story: who you are + how you stand out

  • Your Opportunities: a top-to-bottom marketing review to discover the big opportunities

  • Your Way Forward: 90-minute consultation; follow-up plan + recommended resources


bottom line:
Your marketing master plan is the first step toward owning your own marketing.

There's no pressure and no long-term commitment. It's a short-term deal with long-term appeal. Because with your marketing Master Plan, you can go right on your merry way. You know the way forward. Or, keep going with 929 Marketing to really get that marketing growing.

The thing is, this is not for everyone. And we want to be sure it's right for you before we start. So let's talk about it.

you've got questions? we've got answers. check out these faqs.


What is a Master Plan? Can I see one?

Absolutely! If you’ve never done anything like this before, it can be hard to imagine what you’re going to get.

In fact, that’s why Tom had this to say after receiving his Master Plan:

“I’m super excited about what you’ve done. This is so much more than I expected. And you’ve done a fantastic job. I’m a little bit blown away by how far you’ve taken this in such a short time. And it just speaks to my inexperience in this area. I’ve known that there’s people that do this stuff. I just never worked with them. And I like your’ve got your head around this and I feel like you know what you’re doing.”

Just drop a note to request a sample marketing Master Plan.


what's a master plan cost?

The flat rate of $4295 includes all of our time together, along with the creation of all of the deliverables included in your Master Plan.


Who does this sort of thing? Who’s gotten marketing master plans from 929 marketing?

929 Marketing has created Master Plans for a pretty diverse group of clients. They represent coaching, psychotherapy, videography, charter schools, and SAAS companies. What do they all have in common? At their core, they are making life better for someone. There is one person {or a partnership} calling all the shots. Very little -- if anything -- is being done by committee.


What happens if I don't hire 929 marketing to make my marketing work?

Your marketing Master Plan will give you the solid foundation you need to make your marketing better. Whether or not you decide to hire 929 Marketing to create your tactical marketing strategy, help you do your marketing, or do all of your marketing for you. There is no pressure.


How long does this whole thing take?

Start to finish, most Master Plans are in clients’ hands within three weeks. The main variables are scheduling those all-important live chats.

All in all, you’ll spend at least a few hours talking with your new friend, Rachel, albeit not all at once. And you’ll put a bit of time into reviewing your stuff...if you want it all to be just right.

What? You have to block off some of your own time? Yes. Just a bit. Here's why...

Imagine if you blocked off a whole distractions, no interruptions, no work. Eight hours. Just for you and your marketing.

Would you come out of that eight hours with a definition of the goals that’ll show you how you’ll measure your marketing, an in-depth profile of the dream clients who will get all of your attention, a top-to-bottom review of everything you’re doing now with decisions about what to do differently, and a total story of your brand -- who you are, how you matter, and more...all written to be ready for your marketing? {If you can do that in a day, I would like to hire you. Otherwise, maybe you should go ahead and give this whole process a try.}


OK but. Do I really need a Master Plan?

Yes. Yes you do. When you’re ready to take it to the next level, you need a plan. There’s simply no replacement for bringing in a pro, someone who’s not in your brain, to pull out what’s truly essential about you and what you do.

That’s what Liesl found upon the completion of her Master Plan...

{She was freed from saying all the things all the time}

“I was very bogged down in wordiness in my website before...Your language is very succinct and clear and it’s very enjoyable to read...”

{She was landing the right clients}

“I’m saying no more often than saying yes with calls that are coming in. i’m being much, much, much more selective. And I’m finding myself giving my own little spiel when people call...I haven’t done it like I’m doing it now and I know it’s because I’m doing this process and my mind is getting geared up for that. And it feels really good.”

{She got a competitive edge}

“The plan is definitely very helpful. I feel like I have an advantage over therapists who aren’t doing this….”


What happens after I get my Master Plan?

With your Master Plan in hand, you can go on your merry way and own your own marketing all on your own. can double down on this whole marketing thing. And choose your next adventure:


Own your own marketing. We give you the power.



Do your marketing on your own. But not all alone.



Your marketing done for you. Allowing you to go do what you do.