You’re ready to get serious about your marketing. You know you’ve got something great in what you do, something that's ready to grow, something that people love and that more people will want. Once they know you’re there, that is.

But running the show is overwhelming enough, let alone when you add marketing to the mix. You know you need someone else to take on the marketing so you can keep being awesome at doing your thing.

And you’ve been a small fish for a big agency before. That’s not what you’re looking for. You want a partner. Someone you can trust to care for your marketing.


Sound good? The first step towards getting your marketing done for you here is to get your marketing Master Plan.

you get to focus on what makes you magic. While the marketing magic is all managed for you.

With the Done For You {Marketing Magic} plan, it's all take care of for you. You're putting founder Rachel Jordan's nearly twenty years of marketing experience to work for you, along with a merry band of trusted partners who are great at what they do and can't wait to help you. 


  • The Total Strategy Setup -- Write your whole marketing strategy + give you the marketing monthly to-do view. Create your content calendar

  • Wow-Worthy Website Words -- Make sure your story comes through on every page of your website. Without having to go through a total website overhaul all at once. Keep getting better all the time with website copywriting for one new or existing page each month.

  • Social Media Done For You -- We'll run your social media for you, posting up to three times per week on the channel that’s highest-value to you {that would be the place where the most potential customers hang out}. Oh - and if you need more, we can talk about scaling this part of the plan to fit you.

  • Social Ads Run For You -- Posting great social media content is fabulous for connecting with your fans. But to keep growing that fan base {and that pipeline}, social ads are a must. They're also the thing people most frequently get wrong. We'll run up to two social ad campaigns at a time for you on that one all-important channel, and provide you weekly reporting. So you know exactly what your investment is getting you. {And, once again, if you need more, we can talk about scaling this part of the plan to fit you!} 

  • The Details Done For You -- There's so much stuff you might not even know you need, but that's crucial to squeezing every drop of value out of everything we do for you. It's the backend stuff like making sure the Facebook pixel is gathering data for you, or the LinkedIn tracking code is doing the same, that your email system is ready to welcome new leads, or that your Google My Business listing is set up to make sure people actually find you.

  • Your Newsletter Done for You -- Never wrestle with Mailchimp again. We plan, create, schedule, and send your email newsletters for you. You just sit back and enjoy the cheers from your adoring fans.


  • Your Blog Managed for You -- We believe that you know you best. So, rather than writing your blogs for you {and sounding like some blogger trying to be you}, we let you be you. But better. You draft the rough stuff. And you’ve got your friendly managing editor to do the tough stuff -- plan the content, edit the words to near-perfection, publish the articles, repeat.


  • Expert Advising + Useful Reporting --  Basically, know exactly what's happening + what we recommend next. You’ll get a complete report on the marketing metrics that matter most to you. And we’ll talk it through in our monthly one-to-one advising session. What’s working? What could be better? What’s changing that we need to be aware of {like next five thousand Facebook algorithm updates}? We’ve got it all covered for you and talk it all through with you.

  • Plus...optional add-ons! 
    You want more? The Done For You plan is customizable to fit even the fastest-growing dreamer or the most discerning palette. We can craft email nurture programs that welcome those new customers with aplomb or bring those old clients back, write super success stories for you, produce explainer videos for you, and more. Tell us your vision and we’ll see what we can do.

Focus on what you do best ... while all of your marketing is done for you

If you're finished with trying to do it all yourself. If you are ready to get to the next level. If you're ready to invest in what's best for your business, and you don't want to have to hire a team of employees or a traditional agency, you're ready to get your marketing done for you.

The first step is the marketing Master Plan.