DO YOUR MARKETING YOURSELF...not all by yourself.

get the heavy lifting done for you by the experts. It’s do it yourself, but with expert guidance.

You’re ready do more with your marketing. To bring you more people, more opportunity….more money.

You're sure you have what it takes. You have some marketing know-how already...or you know you can make the time to get it done...or you’ve got someone ready to do the details for you. 

But you know how overwhelming marketing can be. You’re not ready to totally hand your marketing off to someone else. You don’t want to have to manage a dozen freelancers to run every part of your marketing. Still, you don’t want to drown in overwhelm. And you don’t want to waste time or money getting it wrong before you finally get it right.

Don’t dive into social media only to abandon it when you get too busy with other things.

Don’t start advertising before you have the right tools in place to measure what you’re getting out of it.

Don’t start a blog without knowing what you’re going to say.

Don’t start driving people to your website without being ready to gather their email addresses and delight them on the regular.

DIY marketing. with the heavy lifting done for you.

The first step to doing DIY Marketing is the Master Plan.

With the DIY {Marketing Maven} plan, you get everything you need to own your own marketing. Without being all alone.


  • Get your whole marketing strategy written for you - with in-depth details about how you’ll do what you’ll do and how you’ll know it’s working.


  • See at a glance, month by month, what you’ll need to do. With the marketing monthly planner, you’re not overwhelmed by thinking you have to do it all at once.


  • Know what you’re going to say with a content calendar crafted for you -- 12 months of topic themes at-a-glance; plus three months of exactly what you’ll do when with which channels/tactics {don’t plan in detail more than three months out}


  • Ensure you’re ready behind-the-scenes for the marketing the people will see -- instructions for handling the nitty-gritty stuff like the Facebook pixel, LinkedIn tracking code, your email system, and even your Google My Business listing.


  • Get expert guidance through monthly advising sessions. Every month, hop on a live 60-minute chat with your new marketing BFF, Rachel, founder of 929 Marketing. Ask questions, get the real real on what's working {and what isn't}, get clear on what to do next, and get access to helpful resources to help you keep going strong.


If you wish you could do it on your own. At least you could if you weren’t so worried about breaking stuff, or doing it wrong, or getting distracted by all the new shiny things out there, you might be right for the DIY {Marketing Maven} plan.

The first step towards DIYing your marketing is the marketing Master Plan. 

Show the world that you’re great at what you do.

Get the word out to the right people at the right time in the right places. Measure your success and build on it.

Pull in an expert with nearly 20 years {omg, 20?} of experience help you keep an eye on the big picture. So you don’t have to fear getting lost in the weeds or falling down a rabbit hole of the newest trend.

With monthly live one-to-one advising sessions, you’ve got someone looking out for you. You don’t have to make keeping up with the ever-changing marketing machine your full-time job. Just stay the course, do your best, and do better month after month.

This is how you do your marketing yourself, without having to do it all by yourself. You learn what needs to be done. You learn how to do it. And you learn how to know it’s working.

Empower yourself to own your own marketing.
Without wasting your time and money on marketing that doesn’t work.

To get on the DIY {Marketing Maven} train today, start with getting your Master Plan made.

Here's how it works


Step 1: Get Your Master Plan Made

Build a house without a solid foundation and things will fall down, fast. Same goes for your marketing. Before doing your marketing yourself, set a solid foundation with a Master Plan. Get your goals, define your dream clients, build your brand story, find your biggest marketing opportunities -- find your way forward. 

Get your Marketing Master Plan started right now.


Step 2: Get Your Whole Marketing Strategy Made for You

No time to stop and think about your marketing? No problem. While you go about your business, your whole marketing strategy is written for you.

You’ll get in-depth details about how you’ll do what you’ll do and how you’ll know it’s working. Avoid overwhelm and remove the pressure of having to do it all at once. With the monthly marketing calendar, you see at a glance, month by month, what you need to do. You've got a plan you can do, and build on over time.

You’ll know what to say, when, with your content calendar crafted for you -- 12 months of topic themes at-a-glance; 3 months of what you’ll do when with which channels/tactics.

And you'll have the stuff you hadn't even thought of covered, too. Step-by-step instructions help you make sure you’re ready behind-the-scenes to squeeze every drop of value out of the marketing the people will actually see -- nitty gritty stuff like installing the Facebook pixel or LinkedIn tracking code on your site, choosing the right email system to keep in touch with those very important people you'll attract, and even getting your Google My Business listing up-to-par.

It’s all delivered to you to review on your own before we meet again.

Step 3. Get Your First Advising Session

Your DIY {Marketing Maven} plan comes with monthly live advising sessions so you can put 929 founder Rachel's two decades of experience to work for you right away.

In our first session, we go over your whole marketing strategy and make sure you’re ready to be your own marketing maven.


Step 4. Make Your Marketing Happen

You’ve got everything you need. Now it’s time to go do it!

But you're not all alone, even if you're doing your marketing on your own.

As you make your marketing happen, we'll continue to reconnect on monthly one-to-one advising sessions. In each meeting, we'll talk through what's working in your marketing and where you have opportunities for improvement. Rachel will turn technical metrics into straightforward statements about what's working and what to do next. {And by the way -- if you ever need an extra session, you can totally schedule one at the standard per-session rate.}

Is the DIY {Marketing Maven} plan right for you?

This is the plan for you if you know you've got what it takes to get your marketing done. 

This is the plan for you if you’re ready to put in the time and energy to do your marketing yourself. Or you have help lined up, just waiting for some expert guidance. You're ready to build on it over time, and you're not planning to just phone it in and hope for the best.

It all starts with a marketing Master Plan. Get yours and get on your way to doing your marketing your way.

Not sure you’re ready to do this on your own?



Do your marketing on your own. But not all alone.



Get your marketing done for you. So you can do what you do.


Whether you choose diy, dit, or done for you, It Starts With Your Marketing Master Plan