do your marketing together with a partner.

do some of your marketing yourself. bring on a seasoned marketing partner to do the rest. Without the added employee or agency expense.

You need to do more with your marketing. More than you have the time or people to handle. And you’re not about to add a team of marketers to the payroll, or even one senior leader. A traditional agency just isn’t your style. You're tired of doing it all're growing and you've got other priorities competing for your time.

You don’t have to do all your marketing yourself. The DIT {Marketing Partners} plan was made with you in mind.

If you’d love to do it all yourself, but you do not have the time. Or you’d love to hand it all off, but that’s just not in the cards just yet. Read on...

dit marketing. With Do-it-together, you do the parts that make sense for you. We do the rest.

The first step to doing DIY Marketing is the Master Plan.

Everything you need to get your marketing started right gets done for you.

The most complicated parts are run for you. You get to do parts of your marketing yourself...confident that your choices are backed by some expert guidance.


  • Your backend stuff is set up for you, to make your front end flow -- all those overwhelming things that you don’t want to break or just don’t quite get, like the Facebook pixel, LinkedIn tracking code, email system setup, and Google My Business  listing


  • Know what you’ll talk about, where. with your first content calendar crafted for you
    at-a-glance in 12 months of topic themes; details in three months of what you’ll do with which channels and tactics {like Facebook posts vs. ads, email newsletter vs. new customer nurture}


  • We run your social media together.
    Sometimes, your social media runs better when it’s actually you running it. For certain brands, people need to hear from you in real time; or want to connect with you directly, not someone pretending to be you. But that doesn’t mean you know how to do it.

    So we’ll do it for you for a month and then hand the reins off to you, continuing to manage your calendar so you know what to talk about, when, and how often.


  • Gain even more traction in the market with your ads done for you.
    Whether Facebook or LinkedIn is a better fit, you’ll go farther and grow faster when you run ads on top of your other activities.

    But ads are the thing people get most tripped up by, or most frequently say “We tried that for a few weeks and it didn’t work.” They’re deceptively simple and constantly changing. So don’t waste your time figuring it out. Let an expert do it for you.

    We run ethical ads campaigns for purposeful businesses. And we provide weekly reporting written for real humans. So you know where your investment's getting you.


  • Choose the content marketing help that fits you best -- help with your blog or newsletter.
    We edit your blog posts, optimize, schedule, and post them, including making your social-friendly graphics...or...we run your email newsletter for you -- plan it, write it, and send it, with your oversight, of course. {Just can't choose? You might just want to check out the Done For You plan so you can have it all.}

  • Monthly advising sessions + access to ask questions via email any time
    In monthly live one-to-one advising sessions, we talk through what's working and how the strategy's evolving next. What's more, you've got unlimited access to pop into our inbox whenever you need to. Whether it's a question or a sudden flash of inspiration, we're here to give you the information you need to keep moving.

Think the dit {marketing partners} plan is right for you right now?

If you know you could do this marketing stuff if you just had someone to point you in the right direction...if you wish you could do it on your own if you just weren’t so worried about breaking stuff, you might be right for the DIY {Marketing Maven} plan.

The marketing Master Plan is the first step toward bringing in a marketing partner.

Here's how it works


Step 1: Get Your Master Plan Made

Build a house without a solid foundation and things will fall down, fast. Same goes for your marketing. Before doing your marketing yourself, set a solid foundation with a Master Plan. Get your goals, define your dream clients, build your brand story, find your biggest marketing opportunities -- find your way forward. 

Get your Marketing Master Plan started right now.


Step 2: Get Your Whole Marketing Strategy Made for You

No time to stop and think about your marketing? No problem. While you go about your business, your whole marketing strategy is written for you.

You’ll get in-depth details about how you’ll do what you’ll do and how you’ll know it’s working. Avoid overwhelm and remove the pressure of having to do it all at once. With the monthly marketing calendar, you see at a glance, month by month, what you need to do. You've got a plan you can do, and build on over time.

You’ll know what to say, when, with your content calendar crafted for you -- 12 months of topic themes at-a-glance; 3 months of what you’ll do when with which channels/tactics.

And you'll have the stuff you hadn't even thought of covered, too. Step-by-step instructions help you make sure you’re ready behind-the-scenes to squeeze every drop of value out of the marketing the people will actually see -- nitty gritty stuff like installing the Facebook pixel or LinkedIn tracking code on your site, choosing the right email system to keep in touch with those very important people you'll attract, and even getting your Google My Business listing up-to-par.

It’s all delivered to you to review on your own before we meet again.


Step 3. Get Your First marketing Advising Session

Your DIY {Marketing Maven} plan comes with monthly live advising sessions plus ongoing email access so you know you can ask a question whenever it pops up.

In our first session together, we talk through your whole marketing strategy and make sure you’re ready to take on the parts that will be run by you, comfortable with the parts that will be run by us, and excited to move forward.

{And, of course, if you ever need an extra session, you can totally schedule one at the standard per-session rate.}


Step 4. we partner up to Make Your Marketing Happen

We've got everything we need. Now it’s time to go do it!

You'll get busy doing your part of the plan, while we're busy handling our end of things. You'll get regular reports to show what's working and where there are opportunities to do even better. 

We'll get together once a month to talk it all out. And you'll have access to ask questions via email whenever you need to. Without worrying about some agency time clock tracking your every second. Because stuff comes up.

Is the dit {marketing partners plan} right for you?

The DIT {Marketing Partners} plan is right for you if you know you’re ready to put in the time and energy to do some of your marketing yourself. And you know you simply cannot take it all on right now.

DIT is right for you if you've always wished your agency would work with you, not for you. You want to have a hand in what's happening. You want to learn the ropes. You want to feel confident in running your social. 

it all starts with your marketing master plan. get yours now...