“Knowing that your child wants to go to school is such a great feeling.”

Running a small independent school is a labor of love. And The Pinecroft School is exactly that -- loving parents, dedicated teachers, and happy students. Students who actually want to go to school.
As the saying goes, sometimes love is not enough. The loving, dedicated folks at Pinecroft had tried doing their marketing on their own. It wasn’t working. They were ready to grow. And they needed something more to make it happen.

"I live down the street and never knew you were here.”

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Pinecroft’s location is perfect for them. But it’s not perfect for getting a boost from drive-by or foot traffic. 

Yet...when people visit this school, they love it. They love it and they’re shocked that they didn’t know it was right there waiting for them. 

Newspaper ads, open house events, and word-of-mouth incentives hadn’t done enough for them. 

With a few families having enrolled after finding the school via Facebook, Pinecroft had seen a hint of what marketing could do. They were ready for more. And that’s where 929 Marketing came in.

let's Help more people find us, visit us, and choose us. 

lay the groundwork with:
Market Research | Competitive Analysis | Marketing Review + Recommendations

We defined how to attract the right families -- who they were, where they were, and what messaging would matter to them. We revealed what set the school apart from the other schools in the area. And we identified quick wins to run with on their existing marketing, plus comprehensive tactics to maximize what the new website could do to help engage new families.

Get to Work With:
Marketing Strategy | Implementation | Coaching

We created a plan and got to work. We launched Facebook + Instagram ad campaigns carefully targeted to the right people.

The school was freed up to focus on posting great organic content showcasing life at the school, with an expert’s strategic guidance to show them how to get the most out of their time and effort. And our ad campaigns provided them with perfectly honed audience sets to use for future Facebook + Instagram campaigns.

Throughout the school year, monthly marketing coaching has empowered the school to keep growing its marketing at a pace that fits them.

In each call, we cover what matters most right now. We analyze what's been working and I teach what needs to be done next. We’ve delved into everything from website content and experience to smart Facebook activity to email marketing and IRL {in real life} activities.

With every month, the results get better, and the motivation stronger to do more. They see it working, they know why, and they know what to do next. 

"We are on the verge of incredible growth at our school."

Here's what Donna Pinto, Principal at The Pinecroft School, has to say about the project.

We are on the verge of tremendous growth and 929 Marketing Strategy made our upcoming school year a success.

Rachel Jordan of 929 Marketing Strategy helped families find our school. Rachel knew what tools we needed to attract new potential families to our school. She created a marketing strategy that worked for our school based on the criteria needed for our school to be successful.

I have been at this school for five years, and this is the first time we have had this amount of families sign up at once.  In addition, we have received so many inquiries about our school. This would not have been possible without the marketing plan of 929 Marketing Strategy!

Every new family who showed up to the fall open house found their way there through our Facebook + Instagram posts.

The Pinecroft School community is positioned for the growth they’ve been dreaming of. And they aren’t finished yet! There are more families who need what Pinecroft offers.

As we continue to build up the marketing program, we can be sure that this labor of love will thrive.

does your school need help attracting the right families?

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