charter school marketing

An independent school exceeds enrollment goals

The loving, dedicated folks at Pinecroft had tried doing their marketing on their own. It wasn’t working. They were ready to grow. And they needed something more to make it happen.

Yet...when people visit this school, they love it. They love it and they’re shocked that they didn’t know it was right there waiting for them. 

With a few families having enrolled after finding the school via Facebook, Pinecroft had seen a hint of what marketing could do. They were ready for more. And that’s where 929 Marketing came in.


brad mewhort; inspired test prep;

coaching the coach

Brad was ready to take his test prep coaching practice to the next level with a website that would present him authentically + attract the right people.

In a series of marketing coaching sessions, Rachel led Brad to define who his business was meant for, what set his business apart, and how to tell his story.

Together, Rachel + Brad named his practice, architected + wrote his website, planned his blog strategy, and launched his Facebook presence.


Branding + Marketing Strategy

A complete strategy for the next chapter 

Glow Gifts is known as the premier gifting a local market. When founder Courtney decided it was time to discover the next chapter for Glow Gifts, she found Rachel. Together, Rachel + Courtney created a road map for the future. Market research + competitive analysis provided in-depth understand of the market's potential, the brand's strengths, and the key opportunities for change. A complete marketing strategy provided the roadmap to bring Glow Gifts from where it is to where Courtney can see it going. This partnership continues to evolve, as Courtney + Rachel work together to implement the strategy...


building an audience for a dream come true

Lee took a huge leap. He decided to live his lifelong dream. As a successful professional in the middle of his life, Lee learned to play guitar, record music, and write songs. He put together a band, launched a website. He had a vision for his band as a vehicle to help others take the leap and live their dreams, too. But to attract those people + engage them? First, Rachel created for Breedom a complete brand strategy, including descriptions of two primary audience personas. She then launched Breedom's Facebook page, complete with customized tabs to help boost listens + downloads, and targeted advertising to broaden visibility + boost engagement among the right people. She coached Lee on implementing a Facebook publishing plan to help build his community. She branded the band's Youtube channel. She created the band's newsletter, The Outlaw Report, to get Lee's blog content + music out to his growing community of Minivan Outlaws. This partnership continues to evolve, as Lee + Rachel work together to grow Breedom's army of Minivan Outlaws + change people's lives.

lendid home loans

automated a human

Trey created Lendid Home Loans to offer a new kind of homebuyer a new kind of mortgage experience. So a bunch of antiseptic, standardized automated emails to warm up and nurture his homeowners was just not going to work. Together, Rachel + Trey have crafted and launched a series of nurture campaigns to maintain contact with homeowners -- an audience who especially benefits from lead nurture campaigns because they can be just as likely to be ready to become a customer immediately as they are to take months to be ready (as they hunt for that perfect house). This partnership continues to evolve, as Lendid grows and Trey + Rachel work together to find new + creative ways to attract + engage the right people.

life meets work

A rapidly growing b2b on a mission

When Life Meets Work was preparing to launch a new program poised to change the way people live and lead, along with a series of in-depth research challenging conventional wisdom about how work works, they needed some marketing help. Rachel established an active blog calendar, amplified via email + LinkedIn, that helped boost website traffic by 30%. She launched an email newsletter to re-engage LMW's community of forward-thinking leaders. She created LinkedIn InMail campaigns + landing pages to attract leaders to exclusive in-person events. She created a landing page + produced a webinar to launch the first in the series of research papers. And she got to work with a fabulous team of dedicated, smart, and passionate people. It was awesome!


real stories to show how a startup changes lives

Opendoor is making real estate simple. Rachel made their marketing simple with five customer stories that bring the business to life for prospective home buyers and sellers, while staying true to the Opendoor voice. This project was such fun. Each person's story was so endearing.

[in the toolkit] Good Old-Fashioned Writing :-)

Let's write your success story next.

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