Why Artists Need {to hire} Marketers

The act of creating art is a simultaneously selfish and selfless act. You're at once seeking to bring what's inside you out, in a form that can be seen or heard or felt. That's all about you. At the same time, you're doing this in order to make an impression. To make a difference. To create change. And that takes a lot. A lot of time, of focus, of beating back the resistance.

But the creating is only part of the story. What if that symphony is never heard, that painting is never seen, or that book is never read? There's a tribe out there waiting to experience your art, to be changed by what you have to offer.

So get right on it! Figure out who you're talking to. Launch those social media channels and publish to them several times a day. Build your website. Interact with your growing online communities. Network. Blog. Optimize that blog and promote the content across the channels where your tribe is active. In no time flat, your art will be sustaining you and the tribe you've built.

Sure...do all of that marketing...and have no time or energy left for your art.

That's why artists need (to hire) marketers. A quick search on Upwork will show that a lot of artists have already figured this out. That a professional marketer who lives and breathes stuff like marketing personas, content strategies, and social media tactics, can help build your tribe for you. And let you get back to the important stuff.

But how can an artist afford to pay anyone to take on their marketing for them? 

It's a valid question. But how can an artist afford not to? When the alternative is laboring away at creating your art in a vacuum, how can you afford not to partner with someone who can connect the right people to each other and to you? 

So whether you invest in a few hours with a marketing professional who can jump start your efforts and guide you in spending the least amount of time for the greatest possible results, retain someone to build your online presence on an ongoing basis, or think of something completely different, it's worth it. 

The people with the interest and inclination to sustain your creation are waiting to find you. Marketers can help.