What's Always Worked for You Will Some Day Fail You

This is true in life and in business, and definitely in marketing. It’s akin to the idea that what got you here won’t get you there.  

There are two things at play:

1) the people you’re marketing to, and the world they’re living in, are always changing;

2) your business is always evolving.

For both your people and your business, your problems and priorities change over time. And so your marketing -- which is basically the methods you use to tell people what problem(s) you solve, how, and why -- must always be changing, too. For example…

  • You might’ve gotten your startup off the ground with awesome sales and fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants marketing. To get to the next level, your marketing is going to need to become more purposeful and organized.
  • If you launched yourself via word-of-mouth marketing around town or within your industry, to continue growing, you’re going to need to establish a professional online presence (that means at the very least, a great website, and that means marketing).
  • If you’ve built up a great following on your blog, it’s time to start helping that following help your business. And that means email.

There are a million ‘what if’ scenarios we could dream up here. But you get the idea. Try new things. If you haven’t tried social media yet, try it. If you’ve never taken a deep look into your branding and marketing strategy, do it. If you’ve never used email to stay top-of-mind to your people, start. If you don’t know how to do this stuff or don’t have the time, hire someone to work with you and make it happen.