Three Steps to Better Blogging

Your blog is the hub of your marketing strategy. It's central to building your tribe. So blogging with focus and purpose is pretty powerful. But no fear - here are three steps to get you on your way to better blogging.


Determine how many posts you can commit to publishing each week. And stick to it. This is not to say you should value quantity over quality. If you can write three good posts per week, do that. Write once a day, write them all once a week and schedule them. It's whatever fits you. 


Your blog is an opportunity to educate people not only about what you do but why you do it. It’s why you do what you do that leads people to invest -- whether not-for-profit or for-profit, and whether investing time or money. So how can you educate your readers about why your work is needed?

Reach and Conversions

Share your content through the channels that best fit you, your voice, and your audience. Make it really easy for your audience to do the same. And if you've readily got more ways for your audience to connect with you - like subscribing to a newsletter, donating, downloading or purchasing something - make sure that's clearly visible and tantalizing in each post.


Want to know more? Give me a shout. Let's talk about how to apply the three steps to your tribe.