This is the one thing everyone needs in their marketing

Strategy. It's the one thing everyone needs. And nobody wants.

You want to get things done. You want a website. You want a logo. You want to figure out Facebook. 

The truth is...That’s not all you want.

You don’t just want a website. You want a website that works for you.

You don’t just want a logo. You want a logo that looks like you.

You don't just want to figure out Facebook. You want to attract the right people to your Page with posts that get people talking; and you want to run ads that get people to sign up with you or buy from you.

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You know what that means you need? You need strategy. Even if you don’t think you want it.

But...You think it’ll take too long. You think it’s better to just start doing’ll figure it out as you go. You feel like strategy is so just can’t handle it right now. You have a limited budget to get your marketing done so you need to go right to the doing of the stuff, not this other stuff first.

Here's a secret: sometimes, if you're lucky, marketing strategy is elegantly folded into the other stuff -- the doing stuff.

It’s kind of like how this mom launched an empire by showing us how to hide veggies inside stuff our kids actually want to eat. Like muffins.

For example: Need a Facebook campaign? 

OK. You’ll start with who it’s for.

If we were working on this together, I’d do some market research to build out an in-depth picture of who you want to talk to, with the details you need about their interests, demographics, and a bunch of other ingredients for the sweet secret sauce of Facebook ads success. Then I’d create your Core Audiences for you {that's something you do in your Facebook Business Manager account}.

And you’ll decide what it’s for. That's why you're even doing this marketing in the first place.

I’d help you define what you want this campaign to do for you. And how you’ll know it’s working.

Maybe you want to get as many people as possible to see you -- to see your ad and know you exist. Maybe you want to get as many people as possible to visit you -- to visit your Page, your website, or a super special exciting page you made just for this campaign. Or, maybe you want to get as many people as possible to do something -- to plan to attend an event, to buy something, to subscribe to your list, to sign up for a webinar, or something completely different. 

Each of those options will lead to a very different kind of campaign.

Finally, we can make the campaign.

Based on who it's for and what it's for, we can get to work. Pick the right types of ads, set the right budget, choose the right placement options, and make a whole bunch of other choices. Plus, craft the right messages to connect those dream clients with you; select the right images to fit your brand and your audience’s style.

And, just like magic, that campaign will go live. Just like that, you got that sweet sweet Facebook campaign muffin, with a whole bunch of veggies -- I mean strategy -- folded right in.

Strategy is what marketing agencies do behind closed doors.

Strategy is why it seems like what those marketing magicians make for you appeared out of thin air. It didn’t. Nothing we do appears out of thin air.

It's built on in-depth knowledge of how people work, how other brands work, how marketing has -- and hasn’t -- worked over years and years of experimenting.

And it's built on in-depth knowledge of you, your goals, your dream clients, and your brand. That last one is way more complex than most people think. Who you are as a brand is more than your logo and font's your voice, what you value {and what you rail against}, what makes you different from all the other options out there, it's your reason for being, and all the other elements of you.

Strategy is making sure that what you’ve got to offer fits the people you’re offering it to.

Strategy is what makes the words on your website feel right. It’s why people find your website at all. Or why they don’t.

It’s what makes the logo that designer brings you look right.

It’s what makes a whole month of Facebook posts and blog articles work. It’s what makes those Facebook ads work.

Or, it's why none of this stuff happens.

Strategy is the one thing everyone needs. It’s where you start before you start marketing.

If you want to pull in marketing help that actually helps you get where you want to go, you start with strategy. Strategy is the secret veggies snuck into your muffin. Without it, you’ve just got a bunch of buttery sugary floury goodness. Yes, it’s yummy and smells divine. But it definitely will not power you through a productive day.

929 Marketing is all about sneaking the strategy into the sugary pastry. 

Get more of that sweet sweet strategy snuck into your sugary stuff. With updates from us…