Someone Else Is Already Doing It

What’s holding you back from growing your business? What’s holding you back from starting your own thing?

about the fraud police...

The Fraud Police attacks take many forms. One of the most insidious might be this one: Someone’s already doing it.

Here’s the thing. It’s a big world. Someone’s already doing everything. Someone’s already doing social media management. Or styling hair. Or offering personal training. Or providing landscaping.

But. Are any of those somebodies you? Are they exactly the same as you? How are you different?

But. Can any of those somebodies possibly serve every person out there who might need your services? Who are you for?

if you don't launch that business, then who?

What if a local personal trainer said Fitness Together already exists...and didn’t open her own personal training studio? Her trainers aren’t the same as the ones at FT. Her business model is different. Her fitness model is different. Her whole experience is different.

Where would her clients go if she didn’t take the leap?

What if a marketing pro like me saw that there were already small agencies and solo marketing consultants out there, even ones focused on small businesses & solopreneurs with a conscience, so didn’t bother to do the work she was meant to do? Every marketer is different. And everyone needs marketing.

Where would her clients go if she didn’t take the leap?

What if absolutely any type of artist - dancer, painter, songwriter, actor - said that art already existed, and didn’t create their own? Art is everything. And it’s endless.

Where would humanity go if people stopped creating art?

Tell the Fraud Police to take a hike. Recognize what’s unique about you and the people you’re for and the connection between you.

And go do it.