Post-It Note Productivity

I tend to create to-do lists that are not doable. The kinds of lists that include everything under the sun that must be done for the house and the kids and the job and the everything. And then the day is over and the things aren't done and it's crushing.

So I've learned something. When I feel myself edging into the must-get-everything-done-now space of mind, I limit myself to a post-it-note.

Everything that must get done now, or today, or before we go away, is written on the post-it note. 

If I start veering off from the list I'm on, I start another post-it-note. One for everything to get done after now, or after today, or after we go away.

If it all fits on a post-it-note, a square one, standard size...then hopefully all goes well and it's all doable. And if not, there won't be as much leftover as if I'd started with a legal pad.