Everyone is in Business. And Everyone is an Artist.

#girlboss host Sophia Amoruso recently described herself as a "business artist." Turns out she's onto something. Way back in 2011, AmEx's Open Forum asked: "Are you a business artist?" And then in 2013, FastCo provided an instructional on how to "Unleash your inner business artist."

And a look at FastCo's 2016 Most Creative People in Business shows a culmination of this building theory. The blending of artists, entrepreneurs, marketers, scientists, and just about everyone else, seems to be fully formed. This list includes people in media, tech, retail, performing arts, fashion, hospitality, and on and on.

Everyone is an artist. Everyone is an innovator. Everyone who's not an entrepreneur can be an intrapreneur.

It doesn't matter what department you're in, where you went to school, what you're doing today, or what you want to do tomorrow. What you do is art if you make a difference, make a connection, and care.