Confessions of a Content Marketer

I have a confession to make.

I'm passionate about content marketing. That's the business-speak term for stuff like defining who you're talking to, why you're talking to them, and what to say to them; and then putting that all to work in blog copy and social media posts, and the design and structure of blogs and websites, in order to educate people or inspire them to jump on board with your mission. it is...I sometimes have mixed feelings about filling the world with more content.

is there more content than can possibly be read?

Today, just about every person is their own publishing house {as long as they have reliable internet}. All these people are putting out chatter all the time, in ever-increasing numbers. Could we all ever possibly read all the blogs we're interested in? Let alone all the garbage out there. Could we all ever possibly listen to all the podcasts that could bring us joy or spark inspiration {again, let alone all the garbage out there}?

how can marketers responsibly add to the noise?

With all that noise, sometimes, I find myself wondering what any of us is doing putting more stuff into this overstuffed world.

And still, I love putting more stuff out into the world. And I love helping other people put more stuff out there, too.

Whenever I find myself feeling conflicted about my chosen profession, I remind myself that each of us has a worldview that no one else has. Each of us has a voice that will resonate for some. And that's enough. Putting something useful out there that makes a difference. Even if that difference is for just one person in this increasingly overcrowded and noisy world.

So if you find yourself {or your lizard brain} saying things like, "but a thousand people are already writing about this" or "there are a million people who know about xyz," do the world a favor and remember that not one of them is you. Then go put your stuff out there.