Be An Ecosystem Thinker

Ecosystem thinkers see everything in context. They make decisions based on more than just the bottom line or end goal. And it's something we can apply to our business decisions, marketing decisions, and pretty much life in general.

What's ecosystem thinking?

Do you ever listen to Open Account? It's a podcast that's taking the taboo out of talking about money. I highly recommend it.

Anyway...a recent episode explored emotional investment in the context of the entrepreneur. And, in it, I heard Dan Teran, co-founder of Managed By Q, explain how they think of themselves as "ecosystem thinkers."

Dan's example: while cutting a bonus could have great results for the margin, that bonus could've gone to paying for child care for a mom who now has to miss work which results in unhappy's not the smartest business move.

that's ecosystem thinking.

What a powerful idea. Thinking about more than the bottom line to fully understand the context of each decision. Making business decisions with the whole picture in mind. Doing what makes sense in a larger sense than what the P&L statements say. 

And this doesn't just apply to entrepreneurs. Intrapreneurs, and that should be everyone who's not in business for themselves, can apply it, too.

What if we applied ecosystem thinking to our marketing?

Yes, getting that email out next week might appease XYZ stakeholders. But is that email really going to delight or even be useful to your intended audience? And, if not, what will that mean for your relationship with your tribe in the long run? Does the world really need those 12 tweets you just scheduled because you could and you didn't want your account to go quiet?

Think about it.

Early on, HubSpot used to talk about doing marketing that your mom would be proud of. That's kind of the idea behind applying ecosystem thinking to our marketing. It's why I'm honest with my clients about what's in their best interest, and what they could do if they wanted to spend three times as much without adding much to their people's experience of their business. {Hey, if that sounds like the kind of advice you need, give me a shout.