Are You Underestimating What Comes Naturally?

What are you good at? What comes so easily to you, that you assume it must be easy for everyone?

We all have at least one thing, if not a whole bunch of things, that fit this description. And if you're like me, you can sometimes take these things for granted.

There's something about how words work that's always come pretty naturally for me. I'm able to get to the core of the message someone wants to get across, to put the words together just in the way they'd hoped but weren't able to get to themselves. It's not just that I can do this stuff. I love it. I love the power of words to make ideas real.

That's a big part of the art of storytelling in marketing. And this kind of thing is very valuable to the clients who hire me for it. Not only that, it's measurably valuable to their businesses.

And yet, because it comes naturally to me, I tend to underestimate its value.

I think people might sometimes do this to their brands and their businesses, too. There's a tendency to believe that being in business, launching a nonprofit, or otherwise turning your ideas into something real, has to be hard. Of course there are things about it that are hard. But that doesn't mean we should ignore, eliminate, or underestimate the things that come naturally. 

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