Are You Too Busy to Blog?

You're so busy. You have so many demands on your time. There's no possible way you could start blogging on a regular basis. Even with all the data out there about how powerful blogging can be for building any brand or business.

Try something. Just for a week.

Use a time-tracking app to track your time.

I mean every minute. 

When I did this, I learned a lot. First of all, I have an appallingly short attention span. I would think I'd spent 30 minutes or more on a task, only to find I'd spent barely 10. The upside of this is that I'm apparently faster than I realized and have the potential to be insanely efficient. If I could just cut the fat.

are you super busy doing nothing?

You know. Checking your email 15 times a day. Heading over to LinkedIn to find a contact only to get sucked into some article at the top of your activity feed. Opening Facebook just for a minute so you don't forget that event you were going to attend, only to... You get it.

When you hold yourself accountable for all of those empty minutes, you might find that you, in fact, do have time to blog. If you would just own your time.

Need some suggestions? There are a lot of options out there! Toggl and RescueTime are the most talked about. Here are a few helpful round-ups:

Happy tracking! (and blogging!)