4 Conditions for Getting Your Stuff Shared

There’s an endless sea of content out there. People share content to meet their own human needs. And they'll only pick your content to share if your band meets these four requirements. Even if your content that feeds their needs.

They trust you.

Much like taste, there might sometimes seem to be no accounting for trust. Why else would all those wildly inaccurate Facebook ‘changes in user agreements’ still make their way around from time to time? Still, your role is to get clear on who you’re talking to and how you can build their trust in you.

You make it easy.

How easy is it to share your stuff via the channels that your personas use most? Look at the user experience critically and make changes if need be.

They like you.

Hubspot introduced “Delight” to the customer journey for a reason. In an endless sea of content, delighting your audience is a key piece to standing out. Using a bit of humor, if it fits your subject matter, is a great start. Inject some personality in that blog post. Buffer and CoSchedule to a great job at that. I never feel like I’m reading a corporate automaton blog when I ready their stuff, and it makes me more willing to share their stuff with my world.

It matters {to them} now.

People might be freaking out about the latest election/global crisis/natural disaster but they still will share your interesting thoughts on great Facebook ads if those thoughts matter to them at the moment. Part of your job is to demonstrate why your latest piece matters now.